A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

SteeVolve - Evolution of Steel Fighting Vehicles

Prototype of low-poly tank shooter simulation in progress, made in Godot game engine.

If idea works out, it may end up as WW1/2 and beyond (yes, even multi turreted tanks!) single/multiplayer shooter with lot of different tank types and interesting single player missions inspired by movies and real life events. For now idea is to have vehicle battles only without infantry due to hardware limitations, but who knows. It is imagined more as an simulation than arcade shoot them up.

All comments are highly welcomed.

Downloadable prototype has no game goal, it is just test of some features and happy home to innumerable bugs.

 - W,S,A,D - drive tank
 - space - fire 
 - mouse motion - aim turrets
 - mouse wheel - zoom camera/aim
- 2 - change tank type
- tab - add enemy tanks
- left control - show/hide pointer used to select turret/ammo
- esc/alt+f4 - exit


test_6.zip 17 MB

Development log


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